Ken Hart (ken_of_ghastria) wrote,
Ken Hart

Survivor: Caramoan - lightning-fast predictions

The new season of Survivor starts tonight! Survivor: Caramoan is the second time they've done "Fans vs. Favorites," and while many fans are tired of seeing returnees, it's safe to say: a) having no three-time contestants is a good thing, and b) to date, most of the returning players have added a lot of intrigue and entertainment. So we're good.

Will Brandon Hantz again be Caramoan-ing about a beautiful woman being a vile temptress? Will Philip Sheppard, "the Specialist," show off his baggy boxer briefs while promoting his new spy novel? (Yes, really!) Will last-season fave Malcolm receive the "stranger danger" tag from the other returnees and get voted off? Will new player and BMX bike salesman Mike reveal that his many tattoos comprise an elaborate map to all the Immunity Idols?

Quick picks:
  • First returnee to get voted off: Brandon. Too nutty to be trusted.
  • Returnee who will surprise us: Erik. He has much to prove after his humiliation in the first "Fans vs. Favorites." He'll do so.
  • Final Three: Returnee Brenda (a great schemer) and two newbies, Eddie and Allie.
  • Winner: Allie. She's a bartender, she's from New York, and she's dismissive of bad liars while not knocking lying. "I don't even mind if you lie to me, just keep track of your lies, you fool."  That's good enough for me!

Thoughts? Share 'em below.
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