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Ken Hart

Thoughts on Monday's "24: Live Another Day" (Day 9, 8 p.m. - 9 p.m.)

At a certain moment during this episode, my head exploded with giddy delight. If you’re a longtime “24” viewer and veteran recap reader, you know the moment I mean! Things ratcheted up BIG TIME in this episode, more than I expected, with a global and political clusterf--, err, messy soufflé around the corner. Or, since we’re in England, maybe that should be a messy Shepherd’s Pie. Mmmmm.... Shepherd’s Pie.... ahhghhgllll....!


  • Adrian spills the beans to Goth Chloe Darkmistress that the override device was his creation all along! He wants to use it to create a better world, “a world you would’ve wanted for Morris and Prescott.” OOOH, low blow, dude... reminding Chloe that she named her son Prescott.

  • Navarrro runs across the packed streets of London at ... wait, where the HELL is everybody?! C’mon, London is one of the biggest-- oh look, a half-dozen extras! Boy, those helicopter scenes really drained the budget, didn’t they?

  • Over the phone, Adrian tells Navarro, “Enter Liverpool Street Station. Go to Platform Nine & Three-Quarters, drop off the device, then hop on the train to Hogwarts.”

  • Adrian betrays Navarro: The train to Hogwarts was yesterday! D’oh! He must be Slytherin.

  • Back at CIA HQ with Kate. Eric addresses the shaken staff: “Station Chief Weasel Boy Navarro has been taken into custody, and believe me, it’s totally OK for CIA agents to arrest people on foreign soil. Really. I’ll be issuing protocols and responsibilities shortly, as if you didn’t already have jobs. Thanks.”

  • Eric tells Jack, “Navarro is going to be sent to the Ministry of Magic for ‘enhanced interrogation.’” Jack gives him The Look: “Please, Dementors are wusses. Let ME talk to him.”

  • Wait, Kate’s not-really-a-traitor ex-husband is dead?! Huh. It seems like that bit of info was added on. Well, at least it sets things up for Kate and Jack! C’mon, you know it’ll happen! Audrey? Audrey who?

  • Oh geez, Gratuitously Topless Navarro pulls out the classic, groan-worthy demand of ALL captured “24” henchmen: “I want full immunity, signed by the President. And a pony.” Jack tries to break Navarro – and he’ll start small by breaking his hand! Ouch!

  • Angryglare accuses Audrey of still having feelings for Jack. Audrey defends herself: “I made a commitment to this marriage. Signed in triplicate. It’s a 10-year deal, with an option after Year 5 for additional love benefits. Can’t you see how emotionally attached I am?”

  • Jack and Kate team up to threaten some doctors, yell really loudly, and scare vital info out of Navarro. Go, SHE-JACK!

  • After Angryglare sells out Jack, Prez Heller tells him, “Jack is leading the mission to retrieve the override device. I hope he succeeds! It would be a shame if a Russian hit team popped out of nowhere to kill him.” Angryglare realizes he needs more fiber in his diet.

  • Jack and Kate commiserate about grief, guilt, and rage. These two have SO much in common! eHarmony, take note!

  • Can you imagine the conversations if they DID hook up? “How was your day, Jack?” “I went into a dark place that cost me everything I ever cared about. You?” “Fine. I’ve learned to close myself off from all the emotional torment I’ve caused. Tuna casserole OK for dinner?”

  • Oh no, Adrian’s entire hacker team has been murdered by – by – CHENG! And his Sweaty Strike Team!!! OH MY GOD. What a delicious surprise. We haven’t really seen him and the Sweaty Strike Team in full force since the craptastic Season 6.

  • Farewell, Adrian Cross! Thanks a heap for telling Chloe lies about her family’s death and turning her into Siouxsie Sioux. Wanker.

  • Oh man, Cheng tricks a U.S. submarine into blowing up a Chinese aircraft carrier. International crisis! And by using only TWO torpedoes, not five? That’s a clear violation of “Battleship” rules! Cheng, you fiend!
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