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The House on Haunted Melrose Place

Comments on gaming, pop culture, horror, and the thrilling dystopia of "Foreshadows"

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Ken Hart
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I'm a writer whose 9-to-5 job (i.e., the paying one) is in the Marketing department of a healthcare company (more interesting than I would've guessed, to be honest). The more entertaining job is as a freelance writer/editor, mostly for the role-playing game (RPG) industry. I'm currently writing Dungeons & Dragons content for Wizards of the Coast.

My 15 minutes of fame occurred in 1997, when my popular and satirical Melrose Place Recaps website was targeted by Spelling Entertainment for being too popular, which in turn led to a article about me and my site in TIME Magazine. (Brad Pitt was on the cover, but I was the star. Ahem.)

I live in New Jersey with my lovely wife and adorable daughter. In this journal, I'll chat about role-playing games (I'm a big fan of D&D, especially the Ravenloft and DragonMech settings), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, pop culture, the horror genre, Survivor, movies, and hey, have I already mentioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the best TV show of the past 20 years? No? Well, I may go on about that from time to time, too. I'm also a bit of a medieval history and Egyptology buff.

What's the deal with "Ken of Ghastria"? That ties back to the aforementioned Ravenloft campaign setting for D&D. There's a island domain in Ravenloft named Ghastria that's a personal favorite (it's ruled by a man who's a cross between Roderick Usher, Dorian Grey, and the Marquis de Sade). It's my nom de guerre on several RPG message boards.

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